Hybrid Influences

Miguel A. Corona Ruiz

English 12 period 2

Mr. Taube


Hybrid Influences

What is a hybrid vehicle? A hybrid is a vehicle that has the ability to run on gas, and on electricity. A hybrid Is the new generation of the vehicle. It has one of the most advanced engines, from finding ways to recharge itself, to finding ways to save gas. One example would be Regenerative Braking, whenever the hybrid car brakes, the friction that Is created Is converted into kinetic energy, which Is then used to recharge the battery. Another example Is that whenever the hybrid car makes a complete stop, It shuts off the motor, this allows the vehicle to conserve gas. When you accelerate, the engine automatically starts, which Is why the hybrid car takes a while to take off. I chose to write about this topic because It does not only affect me but,  everyone should be interested in what is to come in the automotive industry. Everyone should educate themselves on what the hybrid car Is, and how It can help our economy.

This topic allows me find out more than just about the hybrid car, it allows me find information about future cars,  and how our atmosphere has changed over time. Many people have not realized that as we become more advanced our atmosphere becomes worse. The hybrid car Is a step towards a clean future. It Is a step for all of us, we should care about our atmosphere, and about our environment. For example, one step toward a cleaner future Is that some hotels In Chicago offer discounts to hybrid drivers. With more and more people supporting, and promoting the Hybrid movement, the pollution levels will drop grammatically.

Before the hybrid, cars would run on only gas, with internal combustion engines.

Meaning they required a lot of gas, cars like the jeep Cherokee had impacted the SUV, but still burning gallons, and gallons of fuel. The jeep Cherokee Is another vehicle that impacted the automotive industry with Its wood paneling and was a four wheel drive SUV. The Jeep Cherokee was the all new SUV, It was the game changer for all SUVs, the Jeep Cherokee was the new model to follow for the future SUVs. However, the hybrid was the vehicle that most impacted the automotive industry. The main reason the hybrid had such a huge impact was because it was a vehicle that saved a ton of gas and It was great for the environment. The first hybrid car, (honda Insight) was not received quite well by the public not because of the battery which was easily drained, but because of the space. Many owners of the honda Insight felt like they did not have enough space.

The honda insight had a 1.0L three-cylinder engine, and a 144V, 10kW motor to provide power to the front wheels. It weighed about 900 kg, which allowed it to run about 100 km per 4.4L of fuel. Even though the honda insight was not the best It was a great model for future hybrid vehicles. The honda insight was like a trail test, with the information they got, and with the reviews, other companies were able to figure out what Is needed.

Although the Honda Insight was not really a hit, It opened the door to other companies.

For example, one of the companies that took advantage was Toyota. After the Honda Insight came out, Toyota used the information and came out with their own hybrid. The Toyota Prius, the Prius was the perfect model, It was a hybrid, but this time It was a four door. Because the Toyota was a four door It required a bigger engine for more power.

Hybrids Vehicle were also a huge impact to the automotive industry because they are great cars for traveling around town. With its ability to switch from gas to electricity save people money and time. Now Hybrid owners are not forced to stop at a gasoline station, instead they can just switch to electric-only mode. With the ability to switch from gas only to electric-only mode, hybrid make great cars for regular workers, that are forced to commute to their work and back without worrying if they have enough as to make It.

Because the hybrid car had such a huge impact on the automotive industry It will be a long time for something else to rise up and cause such a big impact like the hybrid did. The hybrid car has changed the way of the vehicle, although It was seen as a very slow, and boring vehicle some companies like Porsche, Ferrari, Mclaren are now making hybrid supercars. For example, the new 2015 Porsche 918 Spyder Is indeed a hybrid, with the horsepower of 887. Although the Porsche has a v8, It still uses the electricity from the battery to give It much more power. They have taken the very slow, and boring looking hybrid and made It into something better, something people have never seen before.

Companies are incorporating the hybrid car into their future model. For example, Nissan has announced that their new GTR is going hybrid. With more and more companies incorporating the hybrid car, soon the pollution levels will drop. The hybrid car helps more than just our wallet. With companies like Nissan, changing from regular combustion engine vehicle to hybrid vehicles, eventually we will get tons of hybrid on the road. If we are able to replace the regular combustion vehicles, to the hybrid the CO2 levels will drop.

The 1997 Toyota Prius had a 1.5L 4 cylinder gasoline engine. With the Toyota Prius and the Honda Insight out, other companies have finally realized the attention the hybrid are getting. The hybrid cars are saving people tons of money on gas. Now SUV, and trucks have gone hybrid. It has not only saved people tons of money, it has also helped our atmosphere. The hybrid does not release as much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere which damages It greatly. The hybrid has brought In a new generation of vehicles. The hybrid vehicle may motivate, future car inventor to create something that Is much cleaner for our environment.

Another reason why the hybrid was such a huge impact in the car industry Is because, It Is much cleaner than a regular car. The hybrid does release toxins into the atmosphere, but they do not harm the atmosphere as much as a regular internal combustion vehicle. The regular internal combustion vehicle releases a lot more toxins into the air while the Hybrid can keep switching from gas to electric only, which does not release any sort of toxin.

Unlike the regular internal combustion vehicles, there are other types of cars that have had some sort of impact. A couple of examples would be the tesla or the Nissan Leaf. These cars are different  from both the hybrid, and the internal combustion vehicles. The tesla and the Nissan leaf are cars that are powered completely by electricity. They are related to the hybrid, both cars are game changers, but they are not the future. Tesla an American automotive and energy storage company founded in Palo Alto in 2005, by groups of engineers has brought luxury the regular plug-in vehicle. The plug-in Vehicle is a car that runs completely on electricity was another vehicle that impacted the automotive industry. Tesla has mixed a luxury vehicle with the Plug-in, with Its first model the tesla Roadster. The Tesla Roadster is an all electric sports car which can travel “0 to 60 in 3.9 seconds.” The plug-in and the hybrid are two total different vehicle, but they are game changers.

On the other hand the Nissan leaf had a total different style, the Leaf was created to save money on fuel, and be “an environment-friendly, affordable, family car.” The Nissan Leaf has a 24 kWh Lithium-ion battery, with the range of 117 km while driving 73 mph. The Nissan Leaf Is not a luxury car, but It Is still a great car that helps our environment, and It helps save money by not having to buy gas. The Nissan Leaf Is a vehicle for the people that do not want to spend money on gas, they are for people that must commute to short range places, because the battery will eventually run out. The Nissan Leaf is a great car for people that have the ability to charge the vehicle whenever It needs to be recharged.

The Nissan Leaf and the Tesla are both game changers they, have taken the influence from the hybrid and created something new. The Hybrid vehicle has Impacted the automotive industry that It has created a whole new style of what the future cars should look like. The Nissan Leaf, Tesla and the Hybrid are model for the future. They are models so that future cars will help not only our wallets by not spending money on as, but by also making cars that are great for our atmosphere

The hybrid car Is such an advanced vehicle that It’s gonna take years for something else to take its place. Years from now the hybrid car will still be one of the most advanced vehicles because It will keep getting better. The hybrid will keep evolving companies will keep finding ways to better the hybrid.  They will keep finding ways to keep the hybrid as one of the cars that impacted the automotive industry. The car industry has come a long way. From steam engines to the internal combustion engines to the hybrid. The Hybrid is the future, and It will stay on top for many years.

The automotive industry will keep growing, and changing. The hybrid has allowed It to grow, It has given engineers and inventors the ability to make something new much better than before. Companies can keep growing by creating things that everyone wants. The hybrid has given companies the chance to change their vehicle, the hybrid is the new style of the vehicle. The Hybrid Is the future, a car that has the ability to switch between gas, or electric -only. Although It has changed in the past, It will definitely keep changing in the future. The hybrid will keep improving, There many reasons why the hybrid Is one of the vehicle that impacted the automotive industry, and those reasons will continue to pile up in the future.

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